X-UVIA and Chievo Partnership

May 2, 20210

X-Uvia and AC Chievo Verona has formed a professional partnership to provide opportunities to Canadian and international players registered to the academy. AC Chievo is an historic football club founded in 1929, they started from the base level of football in Italy and made it all the way to Italian Serie A. Cheivo currently plays in Serie B and has a strong commitment to return to the top flight of Italian football.

X-Uvia is fortunate to have key partnership such as  D’Alessandro Scouting in Italy which was instrumental in formulating the current relationship between XPSA and AC Chievo. The relationship with  AC Chievo is a unique one, XPSA has the power to send talented young players throughout Canada on trial at its discretion.

AC Chiveo believes in what we do, we adopt the Chievo philosophy and teach it to our academy members; AC Chievo believes there are many talented players in Canada and are relying partly on us to extract those talented players nationwide and introduce such players to them on trials, through residency and by tournaments.

X-Uvia is very proud to this relationship and look forward to a successful journey with AC Chievo while taking you and your children for the ride!

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