Academy-Policy (Legal)

Academy Contract / Policy

X-Uvia Professional Soccer Academy – Policies-21 v.2


…….See 2021 policy amendments below

Effective September 1st, 2019,  by signing, you agree to abide, acknowledge & bound by the following rules and term of this Contractual Membership agreement for a period of one year, renewable every year

 XPSA reserve the right to amend this policy during the term of the contract without the consent of its clients

Changes to Policy

We may modify and revise this policy from time to time. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time.

SEC.1 Registration

1.2  Registration is for players as young as 5 years old. Registration of a player must be done through our website registration portal 

1.3  Players that are applying for professional showcase events to be scouted and signed to pro contracts, must register and acknowledge this agreement; Showcase players are not bound to this contract unless players become a member of the Academy

1.4  Pro. Showcase players are required to pay the showcase fee as per the showcase event (Pro. showcase fees vary from event to event)

1.5  All players are required to pay a one-time registration fee applicable to their age or a negotiated fee based on an assessment of the player

1.6  Membership is a CONTRACT for One (1) year and renews on an annual basis. Renewal Dates will be on the 1st day of the registered month of initial registration 

1.7  Parents / Players are required to pay for the entire length of the contract equating to 12 months.

1.8  Accepted methods of payments are online through our website only, in the event our website is inoperable, our XPSA mobile app or E-transfer to will suffice

1.9  In order to provide the best services to the players, payments must be submitted on time.

1.91 “Please note: if payment is not received by the 6th day of the month, your account will start to incur a late payment charge of $5.00 per day until paid, which will be charged to your account “ 

1.92  Services to self or child may not be rendered if payments are in arrears and late fees are not paid!

1.93  For scheduling purposes, commitment, proprietary delivery of our training methods, and the integrity of our programs, we no longer provide services to players registered with other clubs with the exception of players registered to our XGPTP (X-Uvia Guaranteed Professional Trial Program) that are not members of our academy

1.94  “If players from other clubs within city boundaries desire to join XPSA, they must first de-register with their respective club before joining.”

SEC Expectations

SEC.2  Attendance | Communication

2.1 Players’ attendance must be confirmed prior to all practices and games. Absence must be substantiated. Players must be in attendance at all practices and games and have an attendance record of more than 80 percent to play quality minutes in matches.

Consistent tardiness and/or absenteeism will be assessed; 5 and more training sessions missed per month will result in players missing the following game

2.2  Proper and consistent communication will allow us to better serve and provide for the players while enabling us to plan our sessions in accordance with the number of attendees.

2.3  ‘Players will be expelled from XPSA without remuneration if the number of absences prevents them from improving and reaching their full potential, this could also have a negative impact on the academy’s track record of excellence!’ 

2.4  On occasion the Head Coach / Technical Director will take business trips in order to prepare opportunities for our players.  These brief absences do not constitute breaks in the training of the players; XPSA’s assistant coach(es) or an assigned Qualified coach will be in command of the practices and games. 

2.5  Players that intentionally miss training sessions in the absence of the Head Coach will be remedied by not being able to play games equaling to the number of player’s absence

2.6  Respect by attending all practices whether the head coach or assistant coach is present is an absolute must for all players

2.7  Direct or indirect descent towards coaching and administrative staff will not be tolerated and could result in expulsion

SEC.3  Game Notices

3.1  There will be no partial attendance at games, players must be 100% committed, any player who cannot commit to the full game will not be allowed to play the game!

3.2  We reserve the right to play or not to play a player in a game, there are many factors that must be considered by the coaching staff as to whether the player will be granted the privilege of such participation

3.3  We will not play players that have a lack of respect for his/her teammates and coaching staff

SEC.4  Etiquette

4.1  Parents are encouraged to cheer but not interfere during practices and games. Parents must refrain from entering the practice area during practice sessions 

4.2  Absolutely no coaching will be permitted from the sidelines during games.

4.3  Parents and members are asked to respect all players, referees,  opponents, coaches, and management staff at all times.  

SEC.5  Gross Misconduct 

5.1 “We reserve the right to expel parents and children from the Academy without remuneration for any poisonous and or toxic attitudes or behaviors that will negatively impact the academy’s environment from being healthy and productive for kids, and also having a negative and damaging impact or effect(s) on the Academy‘s image, goals, mission, environment, and its professional partners”

SEC.6  Unauthorized usage of Company Brand 

6.1  “In no way or form shall X-Uvia Professional Soccer Academy’s logos, brand, name, programs and proprietary materials are used without consent, also, that of its contractual partners and affiliates” 

6.2  unauthorized usage to gain financially or otherwise will result in dismissal from the academy and legal ramifications will ensue thereafter

SEC.7  Videos, Pictures, Social Media & Marketing Campaigns

7.1  In order to protect the safety and the psychological health of each child, the proprietary coaching styles and unique methodology of the academy and its partners,  parents cannot and will not be allowed to photograph, videotape, and/or post on social media platforms any academy’s training sessions. 

7.2  Videotaping of matches, friendly games, and tournaments are allowed

7.3  X-Uvia Professional Soccer Academy has the right to utilize images and videos of its athletes in its marketing campaign to promote the academy and the welfare of its players

SEC. 8 Injuries

8.1  Coaches and staff are first responders; parents must refrain from running onto the field when a player is injured or perceived to be injured

8.2  For serious injuries, the parents will be called to attend to their child respectfully

SEC. 9 Administration

9.1  For any administrative purposes, contact our administration department at or call at 1888 MY-XUVIA | 1888 699-8842

SEC. 10  Gymnasium and Domes

10.1 Winter season provides challenges in providing adequate space to develop the players, therefore, to secure such spaces during such time,  all players in the academy must participate in sharing the winter cost equally as outlined by the Academy.

10.2 Non-compliance to pay dome / Gymnasium costs will result in members’ dismissal from the environment until the account is rectified. only then, the member will regain access

SEC. 11 Kits

11.1  All players are required to have the entire XPSA Kit.  

11.2  Accounts must be in good standing for players to participate in league games.

SEC.12  COVID                                                                                               

12.1  Quality service\training is still being offered online through Zoom. We understand that COVID-19 has impacted our members psychologically and financially.  In the event of a total lockdown, the Academy may offer a fee reduction of 5 to 25% at its sole discretion..

12.2  Reductions and fees are not related to our level of service. We prepare our coaching sessions with the same efforts and commitment to deliver good instructions in order for your player to develop.

12.3  While typical training should be done in a gym or outdoors, we must adjust for the times we live in. Our offer to reduce the fees should only be seen as our way to alleviate the burden and share the impacts.


13.1  You have a 7-day “buyer’s remorse” period. You have the right to cancel the membership within 7 days of approving your contract by registration on this website.  You do not need a reason to cancel, however, a notice must be sent by email to to let us know of your intent to cancel.  Kits will be ordered after the 7-day period.


14.1  If a player is severely injured and cannot continue with the entire season, the player’s membership will be placed on hold until the player is able to return.  A doctor’s note will need to be provided with an estimate on how long the player will be absent from the academy


15.1  If your family is relocating to another city/country, please notify us by email with a proof.  Your contract will be terminated but cancellation fees will apply.  If 5 months or less remain on your contract, a cancellation fee equivalent to 1 month of membership fees will apply.  If 6 months or more remain on your contract, a cancellation fee equivalent to 2 months of membership fees will apply.

2021 Policy Amendments


16.1  In order to provide the best services to the players, payments must be submitted on time

16.2  On the 6th day of each month, if payment is not yet received, your account will incur a late payment fee of $5.00 per day until payment is received. Late fees will continue to accumulate until all amounts are paid.

16.3  Accounts must be in good standing for players to participate in league games and weekly practices. if payments are not remedied by the 12th, services to your child will be reduced, after the 15th, all services will be suspended until  payment is received in full

Non-Payment (Arrears)

16.4  Non-Payment of arrears whether from a breach of contract or otherwise, will be sent to collections and small claims court for recovery for noncompliant clients and or members. The client remains liable for any legal fees incurred for debt recovery or legal costs.

16.5  Clients/members are liable for the remainder of their contract.


  1. Absolute Confidentiality ( See our privacy policy for more details)

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Your Consent

2.1 By accessing this Website and whenever you submit any information to or use products and services offered by our Website, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy. Please read below carefully the entire Privacy Policy before using website and or app

2.2 As part of providing our Services to you, We may need to send routine communications to you, such as order transaction emails and other administrative messages through email and notifications posted on the Website or through other means available, including text and other forms of messaging. Though we prefer to communicate with our Customers via email, as may be deemed necessary, you agree to receive our phone calls, related to your orders/requests/concerns on, app, payment portals, and relevant topics

  1. How We Use the Information Collected from You

3.1 We will collect and retain your personally identifiable information only to the extent that it is necessary to fulfill our services to you. Any Personal information submitted  by you to the Website or collected by us will be used ONLY for the purposes mentioned below:

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  1. Whom We Share Your Information

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  1. Who Has Access to Your Information

 Your personally identifiable information can be accessed only on a need-to-know basis by certain XPSA employees who are designated to carry out your requested activity, and all such employees are bound to strict confidentiality obligations.

  1. How We Use Cookies

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  1. Security Policy

 We guarantee that all your personal information with us is secure and protected based on our privacy policy.  

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  1. Contact Information

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